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Recently built my own Functional Movement Screen kit after looking at buying a kit and feeling the cost was too high for its' simplicity - plus I've seen the plastic version break a few times. Thought I'd share my plans for building the FMS kit:

While not an exact science, examination of the ratios of various weightlifting ratios can help a lifter identify what areas to focus on in their programming. For example, the suggested optimal ratio for the snatch compared to the clean and jerk is 0.78 - 0.83....

 A variety of lower extremity injuries can occur as a result of decreased ankle mobility, specifically decreased dorsiflexion (see my posts on this HERE and HERE).  The ankle dorsiflexion test is my favorite tool for assessing dorsiflexion mobility because it doesn't require any tools or training, can...

The Olympic snatch is a frequently used exercise is strength & conditioning programs, and for good reason.  This exercise allows the athlete to lift very explosively and with biomechanics similar to that seen in many other athletic movements such running and jumping.  However, this exercise is highly technical and requires time and a good coach to learn how to master.The simplest explanation of the snatch is that it is a weightlifting exercise in which the athlete lifts a barbell from the ground to an overhead position in one explosive and continuous movement.Snatch Set Up and Catch 

Over the past 6 or so months I have been experimenting with VooDoo bands promoted by Kelly Starrett of Mobility bands from Edge Mobility Systems on both myself (knees) and a large range of patients. These bands have been very valuable tools for me, especially...

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One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  Fortunately, recent advances in technology and increased public awareness have greatly improved survival rates.  Recently, much research has been focused on improving the quality of life of breast cancer survivors to combat the negative side effects of treating this disease.  Exercise has emerged as one of the better tools for improving the physical and psychological well-being of breast cancer survivors. exercise breast cancer

In many sports, hamstring injuries are commonly.  Unfortunately, rehab from this injury can be slow and recovering from an initial hamstring injury doesn’t mean an athlete will be free from further re-injury as recurrence of hamstring strains is quite common.Researchers in this study decided to...

With hamstring injuries being around 16% of all athletic injuries and reports of re-injury rates as high as 34%, identifying risk factors and appropriate rehab protocols is important for helping athletes play safely.  Proper hamstring rehab is extremely important as research suggests that recovery from recurrent...

Weightlifting for Children

For years, strength training and weightlifting have been used by adolescents and adults to improve their sports performance and general well being.  But because of the former beliefs of pediatricians and scientists, weight training has been frowned upon for use by preadolescent children.  Despite people’s perceptions that weight training is not suitable for young children, a properly designed weight training program is not only safe, but is also beneficial in the improvement of prepubescent children’s athletic performance and overall health. 

'I jump...'As a follow up to my first post on the importance of dorsiflexion (HERE), I wanted to follow up by quickly reviewing the research on the effects of decreased dorsiflexion during jump landings.