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Over the past two months, my clean has gone from 275lbs to 295lbs! Given that I’ve been weightlifting for a long time, this big of a jump in such a short period is really great! hip internal rotationWhat’s even better is that I did this without significantly changing my training plan! (My normal CrossFit routine).More impressive, in the six months prior to this my clean only improved ten pounds. So in one-third of the time, I doubled my gains!So how did I gain so much more in less time? I simply improved my hip internal rotation!

Dr. E of recently shared a video for assessing lateral tibial glide which is commonly restricted in those with ankle mobility restrictions, knee collapse during squat patterns, or knee pain. Since he posted I have made this a regular part of my assessment. See it...

Wanted to share this shortened version of an article I wrote at on the five most common mobility restrictions I see in CrossFit athletes. [convertkit form=4951225]Ankle mobility is incredibly important for almost every CrossFit movement and when restricted can lead to a lot of injuries. ...

 The wall facing squat is a great tool for assessing and exercising the squat pattern. See the below quote from renown Strength Coach Pavel Tsactsouline's book "The Naked Warrior". [embed][/embed]The Goblet Squat can make a great correction for those with difficulty maintaining proper positioning during the squat:[embed][/embed]Another...

The handstand provides an excellent opportunity to examine an athlete's mobility and motor control abilities. Have the athlete assume a handstand position with their front side facing a wall and toes pointed. Watch for the following: wrists extended so that the forearm is near vertical,...