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We've covered how specific mobility limitations, hip socket alignment, and bone lengths can impact squat performance in the last three parts of this series. In this final installment of individual differences affecting squat technique we will discuss sports variations.Let's begin by looking at Olympic weightlifting...

One of the biggest misconceptions I see and hear when working with various fitness coaches is that there is a certain way to squat and certain keys to proper squat mobility. Knees must be positioned in a certain spot, feet must be pointed a certain direction,...

As a BIRTHFIT Regional Director, chiropractor, and mom, I am all for women exercising during pregnancy. I have reaped the benefits of exercise through two pregnancies and have seen plenty of patients experience the same benefits. A few of these benefits include decreased musculoskeletal complaints...

We’ve all used foam rollers, stretching, band joint distractions, lacrosse balls and a variety of other tools to improve mobility. But there is a big gap between having the available range of motion and being able to express that available motion in functional patterns such...

The pull-up is a foundational movement for the fitness athlete and is often underestimated in its importance. Requiring back, core, and shoulder strength, this movement is fantastic for any athlete. The major problem with the pull-up is that many athletes struggle to build the foundation of...

One of the most frequent questions I receive from athletes is what my favorite soft tissue mobilization tools are. I’ve got a few below that I’ll share but first, you need to know this about all soft tissue tools.I don’t believe ANY soft tissue tool...