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If you’ve trained hard and worked to push your performance to the next level for any extended period of time you know that the occasional tweak of a muscle or joint is inevitable. But when it comes to a tweak in your back many athletes...

Good coaches have an excellent eye for watching an athlete move and knowing what needs to be corrected. Excellent coaches take that a step further by then giving that athlete great cues that produce the desired outcome rapidly. We've all heard the cues "sit back"...

Commonly when lifting weights, we see the body choose to move in such a way as to bias its strengths and protect its’ weaknesses. That is because the human body is an efficient organism trying to complete any task using the easiest available route. The...

Sub-optimal glute strength is one of the most common faults I see in athletes. This can lead to a host of injuries as well as decreased performance. We've previously discussed using the push press as a test of the hip (glute) versus knee dominance in athletes....