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At the start of 2018, I asked TheBarbellPhysio followers what they wanted more information on this year. By far the biggest request I had was for Postpartum fitness advice. So, I reached out to my friend Sarah Duvall. We recorded a talk on postpartum issues...

I am all for women exercising during pregnancy. I have reaped the benefits of exercise through two pregnancies and have seen plenty of patients experience the same benefits. A few of these benefits include decreased musculoskeletal complaints throughout pregnancy, improved body mechanics and posture, prevention...

NOTE: if you are interested in diving deep into exercise after pregnancy, please check out Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall's course POST-PARTUM CORRECTIVE EXERCISE SPECIALIST! When we look at postpartum recovery I see two kinds of women at the one-year postpartum mark: one is super fit, athletic...