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If you’ve trained hard and worked to push your performance to the next level for any extended period of time you know that the occasional tweak of a muscle or joint is inevitable. But when it comes to a tweak in your back many athletes...

Deadlifts are unfortunately all too commonly believed to be unsafe exercises for an individual's low back health. But the research says quite the opposite of what many believe. Crazy right? An exercise known to help make your back and hips STRONGER might also make it...

Back pain and injuries happen when you’ve trained hard and long enough. While I will be the FIRST medical professional to tell you that he,avy training should not be avoided and that long term back strength is great for your health, there are times where...

Thoracic spine mobility is crucial to overhead lifting and mobility and one of the most commonly limited areas in the fitness athletes that I work with. Here are my favorite drills to improve the mobility of the upper back. For a done-for-you thoracic mobility program, check out...