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The pistol squat is a challenging body weight strength exercise that requires not only strength but significant control and mobility. Quite often the extreme mobility demands of the pistol squat are overlooked so we will start with the most commonly limited mobility deficits for the...

In sports and fitness, the ability to get your body into proper positions is incredibly important to properly executing movements with efficiency to maximize performance. Fortunately, most athletes and coaches understand this principle and are programming mobility work with the hopes of improve their performance. BUT...

Commonly when lifting weights, we see the body choose to move in such as way as to bias its strengths and protect its’ weaknesses. That is because the human body is an efficient organism trying to complete an unknown task using the quickest or easiest...

The back squat is considered by most in the strength & conditioning world to be the king of all lifts, BUT what do we do when our squat progress stops? How do we address our specific weak points limiting progression? Try these squat variations to...

The squat butt wink is one of the most well known and dreaded of all squat movement faults. If you haven’t heard of butt wink before, it is the term used to describe the excessive flexing of the lower back during squats. This puts the...