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We’ve all used foam rollers, stretching, band joint distractions, lacrosse balls and a variety of other tools to improve mobility. But there is a big gap between having the available range of motion and being able to express that available motion in functional patterns such...

Weightlifting Mobility Needs As much as any other sport, olympic weightlifting requires incredible mobility if an athlete is to perform the lifts with proper technique and lift maximum weights. Without enough mobility, athletes will lack full depth and positioning, as well as expose themselves to potential...

The fitness world has come a long ways in our understanding of the importance mobility work has on athletic performance. Mobility tools and drills are becoming commonplace in gyms, CrossFit boxes, and on the playing field. ip mobility Unfortunately, most athletes performing these mobility drills have...

Thoracic spine mobility is vital to optimal performance and execution of the overhead lifts, such as the snatch or overhead squat. But proper mobility requires more than just stretching the joints. It demands active control and stability throughout the full range of motion.  Use the following drills...