Best Exercises for Hip Flexor Strength

While most of the fitness world emphasizes hip flexor stretching, smart athletes and coaches understand the huge performance and hip health benefits that result from having strong hip flexors. Here are eight great exercises to build hip flexor strength.

Best Exercises for Hip Flexor Strength

The Psoas March

The Psoas March is a simple exercise where we use a mini resistance band around the feet to challenge hip flexor and core strength. This is probably the least aggressive of all the exercises in this article, but I find it wonderful for athletes struggling with symptoms of hip impingements (pinching / tightness on the front of the hip during movements like squatting).

There are four variations of the Psoas March.

First, is an isometric exercise where the working hip flexor leg stays bent at a 90-degree angle.

Second, we can make this a bit more challenging by starting with both legs straight and pulling one leg towards the chest against the mini-band resistance.

We can also do a bridging variation that works the hip flexors and the stance leg glute.

Finally, this Hanging Psoas March will work grip strength, core, and hip flexor strength. This is a tough variation of the psoas march!

Reverse Squats

This next exercise is similar to a Psoas March but now performed with both legs. This will be a big jump up in strength intensity. The Reverse Squat can be performed with a band as shown in the video or with a cable column and ankle straps.

GHD Sit Up Eccentrics

The Glute Ham Developer is a highly underutilized piece of equipment for posterior chain, core, and hip flexor strength. This slow, controlled GHD Sit-Up does a great job of loading the hip flexors and stretching them for those with poor hip flexor mobility.

Psoas Eccentrics

Another great movement for those with tight hip flexors that need both stretching and strength is Psoas Eccentrics. I use a mini-band to attach a light dumbbell to my feet. Then slowly lower the working leg down into a fully stretched position. As you lower, keep the other leg held close to the chest to lock in your lower back position.

Psoas Fall Backs

Our final exercise is essentially the opposite of the Psoas Eccentric. Instead of lowering a weight down, we lower the body back as the foot is locked into position. The result is that we again stretch and strengthen the hip flexors.