Rep Fitness GHD Review

Rep Fitness GHD Review

The Glute Ham Developer is one of the most underrated and underutilized pieces of equipment in gyms. This simple machine will build a strong posterior chain and can be used for some of the toughest core exercises you can imagine. My Glute Ham Developer of choice is the Rep Fitness GHD. For the price, this is a great piece of equipment, and I’ll show you why in this Rep Fitness GHD Review video:


Overview of the Rep Fitness GHD:

  • The small footprint of the Rep Fitness GHD makes this piece of equipment perfect if you need to minimize the amount of space taken up by your GHD
  • Ditching the triangle base does result in some lost floor space immediately in front of the pad. This will minimally impact a few GHD exercises that you would perform on the machine. Only a few exercises will be affected by this set-up
  • Assembly is incredibly easy and can be done by only one person in less than 15 minutes total time
  • Solid quality GHD pad with a gap in the middle for not crushing the family jewels
  • The guide rails on the foot plate smoothly adjust to any of the 13 different positions it can be set at
  • The price of the Rep Fitness Glute Ham Developer is fantastic! You’ll save hundreds over most other GHD options available with Rep’s low price and free shipping

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