Trulap Dumbbell Review

If you are in the market for an adjustable dumbbell, then the Trulap 8592 deserves serious consideration. I’ve had my set for about four months while writing this, and I love this dumbbell. I’ll cover the pros and cons of this adjustable dumbbell in this Trulap Adjustable Dumbbell review.

Trulap Dumbbell Review

Trulap Dumbbell Weight Capacity

The most significant factor that drew me towards picking up the Trulap 8592 was its’ weight capacity. This dumbbell can quickly change from 8.5 lbs up to 92 lbs giving me an additional 12 lbs per dumbbell over my old Nuobell adjustable dumbbells.

That was a massive deal for me as I found myself maxing out the weight on my Nuobell with several exercises. The additional 12lbs goes a long way.

Not only is it heavier, but it also makes smaller jumps up in weight increments or between 2.5 and 3.5 lbs. These smaller jumps mean you get many more dumbbell weight possibilities than most other adjustable dumbbells. This can be super helpful when you need to bump up weights on an exercise but don’t want to bump a whole 5lbs.


Trulap 8592 Dumbbell Handle

The Trulap handle is my only real (minor) complaint. The dumbbell handle has a 36mm diameter, which is very thick. For reference, the Rogue Ohio Barbell has a 29mm diameter.

The knurling on the Trulap is also very light. For many, this may be a positive, but I prefer aggressive knurling to improve my grip on weights.

This combination of light knurling and a thick handle does mean that, for some, grip may be a factor here. For me, this hasn’t impacted lifting performance at all.

Compared to other adjustable dumbbells, you might notice that the Trulap has significantly more metal on the connection between the handle and the weights, which I believe will improve its durability.

Trulap Dumbbell Reviews


Trulap 8592 Adjustable Dumbbell Base

I like the Trulap base now that I’ve gotten used to properly loading and unloading the weights. Initially, I found it a bit clunky, but after a few weeks, I learned how to load the dumbbell properly.

The best part of their base is the gap they left between the base and the floor. This makes moving the base incredibly easy. Looking at the picture below, you’ll see the Nuobell base in the background. Notice the lack of space between the silver bar and the floor. This makes moving the whole unit challenging. The Trulap setup is much nicer.

Trulap 8592 Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Changing weights on the dumbbell is incredibly simple. Just place the dumbbell in the cradle and twist the handle. I’ve timed this, and in 7 seconds, I can adjust the weight from 8.5 lbs up to the maximum weight of 92 lbs. Impressive!


Trulap Adjustable Dumbbell Price

The final piece we must discuss is pricing. The Trulap comes in at $799, which is a great deal considering you get a heavy dumbbell with many weight increment options. This is a great pick-up for the home gym owner wanting a space and cost-efficient dumbbell!