Trulap vs Nuobell Dumbbells

The recent additions of new brands into the adjustable dumbbell space have brought consumers a few great options for home dumbbell sets without crushing the bank account or taking up too much space. Two of those adjustable dumbbells are the Trulap 8592 and the Smrtft NÜOBELL.

Which of these dumbells is the best for your gym? Let’s examine the pros and cons of each dumbbell.

Trulap vs. Nuobell Dumbbells

Trulap vs. Nuobell Max Weight Capacity

This is likely the most significant factor in choosing the best adjustable dumbbell for your needs. A low weight capacity will significantly limit exercise options, and the rep ranges you must train in. Fortunately, both of these come in with decent loading capacity. The NÜOBELL ranges from 5lbs up to 80lbs. The Trulap ranges from 8.5 to 92 lbs, an additional 12 lbs per dumbbell more on the max weight.

Weight Increments

In addition to the max weight capacity, the Trulap wins the category of weight increments as it has smaller jumps up in weight. Weight jumps go in 2.5-to-3.5-pound increments, giving you 26 loading options per dumbbell! The NÜOBELL makes larger jumps in 5lb increments, resulting in only 16 total weight options.
If you want more dumbbells and the ability to make smaller jumps up in your training, Trulap is the clear choice for both weight categories.

Trulap vs. Nuobell Handle

Next, let’s discuss the differences in the handles of each dumbbell. The Trulap handle is bigger than the NÜOBELL and has slightly less aggressive knurling. Neither of these are huge differences, but they are worth noticing if you value those differences or have grip issues.

The connection point of the handle to the bells is different in that the NÜOBELL is made up of more plastic components, which makes me weary of its’ durability. However, I have had my set for two years with only a tiny amount of wear visible on the plastic.


Both bases work well. Slide the dumbbell into the base, and you can easily adjust the weight. My Trulap base arrived damaged, so it did not immediately change weights easily, but since replacing it, I have not had any issues.

Trulap made one great improvement over the NÜOBELL: their base has carrying handles elevated off the ground. This gives you much better handles for moving the base when needed.

Trulap vs nuobell dumbbells

Ease of Weight Changing

Both dumbbells make adjusting the weight incredibly easy (after I received a replacement for my damaged base) with no clear winner.

Adjustable Dumbbell Price

The final piece we must discuss between these two dumbbells is pricing. The Trulap comes in at $799, which is a bit more than the $745 for the NÜOBELL. But getting 12 additional pounds per dumbbell for me is a no-brainer. I would instead go with the heavier dumbbell, the more metal components to it more stability overall. That will make it a better purchase for most people, but I think both are fantastic dumbbells to pick up.

I hope this has helped you out. If you are looking at these two adjustable dumbbells to purchase for your home gym, take a look at the links below when purchasing to help support content like this!