Smart Cuffs BFR Review

Blood flow restriction training (BFR) has emerged as a promising training tool for building strength, hypertrophy, and conditioning during periods of time when we want or need reduced loads. Research on BFR has exploded in recent years, as has the number of available BFR devices. This article will be a review of Smart Cuffs BFR, my favorite BFR band for personal use.

Smart Cuffs BFR Review

Let’s start by reviewing the most important factors of BFR bands: cuff size and material. Far too often, cuffs are built with stretchy material and/or too thin of a band. Stretchy materials won’t do a good job of restricting blood flow, resulting in less optimal gains. Thin-width bands require too much pressure to restrict blood flow, resulting in discomfort and a slight increase in injury risk with BFR training.

The Smart Cuffs band is perfectly built for both of these factors. It is a wide, firm band that does a wonderful job of restricting blood flow during exercise to maximize the benefits of BFR training. 

Smart Cuffs BFR Band Review

The next important consideration is the cuff’s pressure application and how it measures pressure. The Smart Cuffs uses a proprietary algorithm to measure the limb occlusion pressure you need to train at. The device rapidly determines your limb occlusion pressure and then, with the push of a button, adjusts pressure to the right percentage for your training. This process couldn’t be simpler!

Because the Smart Cuffs uses technology to measure this pressure accurately, you can also be sure that you are getting reliable pressures between training sessions. Using cheaper options like compression bands often results in workouts at wildly different pressures. 

One additional nice feature of the Smart Cuffs BFR bands is that they don’t have cords continually attached to the devices when in use. This makes exercising much easier as you don’t have to constantly battle cords getting in the wayThis sounds like a small thing, but believe me, it can be frustrating with exercises like squats and cycling.

Smart Cuffs BFR Pricing

Let’s talk about the price. The Smart Cuffs BFR 4.0 device is indeed an investment at $499 (save 10% with code “TheBarbellPhysio”). However, when you compare it to other BFR devices, you’ll find that it offers the best value. Cheaper options on sites like Amazon often fall short in quality, and I can’t recommend them.



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