Choosing the Best Blood Flow Restriction Device

Blood flow restriction (BFR) is a technique used in strength & conditioning and rehab to achieve performance benefits at low loads or intensities of exercise. In this video, we will discuss the criteria for choosing the best BFR device and recommend some top options.

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Criteria for Choosing the Best BFR Device


The first criteria to consider when choosing the best blood flow restriction (BFR) device is the material it is made of. The device should be made of high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the pressure applied during BFR training.

Devices that stretch (such as compression bands) are less ideal as they won’t trap metabolic byproducts in the limbs as much as devices made with a rigid material.


Size is another important criterion to consider. The BFR device should be adjustable and able to fit different limb sizes. Adjustable straps or bands can be beneficial to accommodate various limb sizes and ensure a secure fit.

The width is also important as thin BFR devices require significantly more pressure to occlude blood flow than thicker bands.

Pressure Application

The pressure applied by the BFR device is crucial for effective training. It is important to choose a device that allows for precise pressure control. Rigid devices are preferred over elastic bands because they provide better pressure control. This allows for accurate and consistent pressure application, leading to better results in terms of muscle growth and strength gains.

Pressure Measurement

For safety reasons, it is essential to choose a BFR device that includes a pressure measurement feature. This feature allows you to monitor and adjust the pressure to ensure it is within a safe and effective range. It is recommended to choose a device that has a reliable pressure measurement system, such as a built-in pressure gauge or sensor.

Recommended BFR Devices

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has gained popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness in enhancing muscle growth and performance. To maximize the benefits of BFR training, it is crucial to use the right devices that ensure accurate pressure measurement and provide ease of use. Here are our three most recommended BFR devices.

Smart Cuffs

If you are looking for a BFR device that offers convenience and precise pressure measurement, Smart Cuffs are an excellent choice. These cuffs are designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly wrap them around your limbs. With its built-in pressure sensors, Smart Cuffs ensure accurate pressure measurement, enabling you to monitor the intensity of your BFR training.

Another great feature of Smart Cuffs is their different intensity settings. This allows you to adjust the level of restriction according to your fitness goals and comfort level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, Smart Cuffs provide the flexibility to customize your BFR training sessions.

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Saga Bands

If you prefer a BFR device that offers a wide cuff and additional Bluetooth tracking capabilities, Saga Bands are worth considering. These bands come with a smartphone app to measure the pressure applied and track your workout progress. The app provides real-time feedback, ensuring you stay within the optimal pressure range during your BFR training.

Saga BFR Bands and Smartphone app

The wide cuff of Saga Bands ensures a comfortable fit and distributes pressure evenly around your limbs. This prevents discomfort or restriction in blood flow caused by narrow cuffs. With Saga Bands, you can focus on your training without worrying about the discomfort of poorly fitting cuffs.

  • Smart Cuffs: Highly recommended for its ease of use, accurate pressure measurement, and different intensity settings.
  • Saga Bands: A good option with a wide cuff and a smartphone app for pressure measurement and workout timing.

Both Smart Cuffs and Saga Bands are reliable BFR devices that can help you optimize your training and achieve better results. The Smart Cuffs does get the nod as the better of the two options though.

Delphi Device

An alternative option that has gained recognition is the Delphi Device. Widely regarded as the gold standard in pressure measurement, this device sets the benchmark for accuracy and reliability. However, it should be noted that the Delphi Device is expensive and requires medical certification for operation. Despite these limitations, healthcare institutions and professionals often opt for the Delphi Device due to its unmatched precision and track record.


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