Rep Fitness PR-5000 Review

Rep Fitness PR-5000 Review

The Rep Fitness PR-5000 is a wonderful power rack for the home gym owner. This Rep Fitness PR-5000 Review video will discuss the rack’s pros and cons. I’ll also share some of the mistakes I made in building my PR-5000 and attachments that I’ll be adding to better fit my needs.

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Rack Height

The rack is available at 80 and 93 inches tall. I went with 93 inches, but at 6’2″ and a standard pull-up bar, this setup was not tall enough to allow me to perform full range of motion movements like kipping pull-ups. So, I had to go back and purchase a multi-grip pull-up bar that elevated my pull-up position another 3 inches so that my feet would not hit the ground during hanging movements.

Rack Depth

The PR-5000 is available in 16, 30, and 41-inch depths with additional uprights potentially being added if you choose the weight storage option. I wanted to minimize my rack’s footprint while still having enough internal spacing to lift inside the rack. The 30-inch depth is perfect for my needs.

Rack Color

I love the color options available for the PR-5000. I knew ordering white would result in scuffs, and that has happened pretty quickly. If I were ordering as just a home gym rack, I’d order black. But since I film so much content and have dark walls, the white upright gives great contrast in my videos.

Hole Spacing

The PR-5000 has 1″ holes spaced every 2″, which has worked well for my needs. I do LOVE that the rack has lasered numbers on every hole, making adjustments of J-cups and safety bars so much easier.

Attachments for the Rep Fitness PR-5000

I chose the following PR-5000 attachments:

  • Pin & Pipe Safety Bars – but I wish that I had gone with flip-down safeties
  • Dip Bar – great
  • Leg Rollers – love them
  • Landmine – opted not to, as I love my Ab Mat Barbell Bomb
  • Band pegs – great
  • Lat pulldown & Iso Arms I decided against as these aren’t used much in my training
  • Belt Squat attachment – not purchased as I love my Squat Max MD Belt Squat