The Safety Of Deep Squats

I am excited to have Dr. Mitch Babcock of HealthHQ contribute this amazing research review on the safety of deep squats. Squats unfortunately continue to get a bad wrap in the medical world as a knee destroyer. But the available literature on deep squats shows them to be very safe. Research also proves them to be very beneficial for the long term health of your knees. He also covers a variety of tools to use to alter individuals squat pattern based on their specific needs.

This video on the safety of deep squats is a small piece of the Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete Weekend Intensive Course that Mitch and I teach for the Institute of Clinical Excellence. In this course, we work through all the major movements performed by fitness athletes, break them out, and discuss a wide variety of treatment strategies.

Check out this video for an in-depth look at squat science and the safety of deep squats.



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