Hip impingement can be a problematic condition for individuals. It often limits their ability to participate in their sports and get activities of daily living done. At Onward Charlotte physical therapy, we treat a lot of individuals dealing with hip impingement pain. Also known as femoroacetabular impingement (with or without labrum tears), we use these three hip impingement stretches to help our patients get back to doing the activities they love.  Originally posted on


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Hip Impingement Stretches

The Internal Rotation Sleeper exercise is one of our favorite hip impingement stretches. It helps improve rotation mobility in the hip. Often this one helps athletes out having hip impingement symptoms with lunges and step-ups. This one is also great for individuals that feel hip pain when they’ve been stuck in a sitting position for a long time.

The second femoroacetabular impingement stretch shared in the video is a posterior capsule stretch for the hip. By stretching this tissue, many athletes will feel significant hip impingement relief with activities such as squatting or sitting. We find this one does great as part of a warm-up before exercising.

The final hip impingement stretch we show is 9090 Pails/Rails. This exercise is used for improving hip external rotation range of motion. This stretch uses a combination of static stretching with isometric muscle contractions. This combination makes it great for creating long-lasting changes in hip mobility. At the same time it is increasing the strength of some of the deep hip muscles.

While femoroacetabular impingement symptoms can be significantly disabling. But, stretches such as the above combined with temporary activity modification and strengthening of the hip muscles can provide long term relief of hip impingement symptoms. We even regularly see the complete resolution of symptoms in people told they would have chronic hip pain unless they seek out extreme interventions such as surgery.

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