The Barbell Physio
Improving Athletic Performance And Rehabilitation

The Barbell Physio

Dr. Zach Long is not your average physical therapist. After years of working in the field of Strength & Conditioning, he earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. The skill set he gained from both of these areas allows him to improve the sports performance of athletes of all skill levels. Zach’s expertise is sought out by high-level athletes in Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, professional bodybuilding, the NFL, and elite runners & swimmers.

What are people saying?

  • Zach Long is the type of hybrid strength coach - physical therapist who is changing the performance game as we know it. When it comes to building foundations in strength, mobility and movement around the barbell, Zach is my go to source.
    Dr. John RusinDr. John RusinOwner, John Rusin Fitness Systems
  • I have met no other practitioner who better understands movement, particularly in relation to strength athletes. He is an incredible asset to my health and dedicated to keeping his clients out of his office as much as possible.
    Sean RigsbySean RigsbyNational Level Weightlifter
  • From my initial visit, Zach had a treatment plan to help me get back on the platform. Zach understands athletes and has real attack plans to help both weekend warriors and Olympic hopefuls. I wouldn't have been able to keep training and competing on the National stage without him! Without a doubt, Zach Long is one of the best PTs in the game.
    Tayler HarrisTayler HarrisNational Level Weightlifter
  • If you want someone who gets it and really understands your needs to perform at your best the Dr. Zachary Long is one of the best!
    Kennett WashingtonKennett WashingtonNGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder
  • Zach's passion for the advancement of human performance can be seen in his person-centered approach towards individual training and evidence-based rehabilitation. Zach puts his heart and soul into providing the best damn care and training you can get!
    Dr. Mario NovoDr. Mario
  • Zach is an awesome physical therapist that I would recommend to anyone, especially a fellow athlete. His knowledge of body mechanics has been extremely beneficial for me as an athlete.
    Mary O'DohertyMary O'DohertyFormer D1 Swimmer


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