Who Did I Learn From In 2018?

Who Did I Learn From In 2018?

As 2018 comes to a close I thought I’d take a moment and reflect on those individuals and organizations who I’ve learned the most from in the past year. Hopefully this gives readers some new resources for their own education.

This list is clearly not going to be fully comprehensive. I could have listed 100 different people. Instead I listed the top five I have learned from in the following categories:

  1. Continuing education courses
  2. Podcasts
  3. Strength Professionals
  4. Physical therapists
  5. Books



  • Institute of Clinical Excellence – as faculty for “ICE Physio” I’ve been able to take a number of courses through this organization and have been consistently impressed by the depths at which my colleagues know these areas and just as importantly, are passionate about teaching the physical therapy work how to improve their game. I took four courses through ICE this year:
    • Cervical Spine Management– taught by Jeff Moore, this course does a great job of combining the most up to date research, exercises prescription, and manual techniques for helping patients with neck pain. Without a doubt the BEST con-ed course I’ve ever been to.
    • Persistent Pain course – Justin Dunaway is probably the most passionate provider I’ve ever met in the area of helping people suffering from chronic pain. This online course dives into the science of why pain occurs before a deep dive into how to best improve the lives of those suffering from chronic pain.
    • Total Spine Thrust– also taught by Justin Dunnaway this course blew my mind with how much improvement I felt in my manual therapy skills in just two days. I loved this course so much I’ll be taking again in March of 2019.
    • Virtual ICE is an online continuing education platform within ICE. We have weekly talks by the various faculty as well as a private Facebook group for our clinicians to receive virtual membership through.
  • Clinical Running Essentials by Chris Johnson. Chris is known worldwide as an expert in rehabilitation of running related injuries and I have to say his course is great. Chris does an excellent job discussing pain science and biomechanics as it relates to runners. For anyone wanting to improve care of injured runners, I’d highly suggest following Chris’ work.



  • Better Faster Podcast
    • Brandon Vaughn and Josh Jeffery do a great job discussing all things ranging from strength & conditioning to rehab. Every episode is full of great information!
  • PTonICE
    • A daily podcast put out by the faculty of the Institute of Clinical Excellence. This podcast covers management of fitness athletes (me), pain science, population health, geriatric rehab, and more. My favorite day to listen tends to be “Leadership Thursday” where ICE CEO Jeff Moore and COO Alan Frendendall cover a range of business topics.
  • PT Entrepreneurs Podcast
    • Danny Matta runs this podcast focused on starting and developing cash based business model in healthcare. Even for those not pursuing this model, there is loads of great business information shared!
  • Mark Bell’s Power Project
    • An always-entertaining podcast that frequently features some of the smartest and best athletes in the fitness world.
  • Pain Reframed
    • Jeff Moore and Tim Flynn discuss our changing understanding of management pain in individuals. This is a must follow podcast for any medical professionals.



  • Donnie Thompson aka Mr. 3000 was the first powerlifter to ever hit a 3000-pound total. Donnie has been in the strength game for a long time and I continually learn new exercises from as well as new treatment techniques such as body tempering. Be sure to also check out Donnie’s products such as the Fat Pad Bench Press and the Bowtie.
  • Pamela Gagnon is my partner in Performance Plus Programming is also an instructor for CrossFit gymnastics and a 3-time CrossFit Games Masters athlete. I’m continually learning more about the development of body weight strength and athleticism from Pamela.
  • Greg Nuckols is one of the smartest minds in the fitness world. On his website he writes lots of very heavily scientifically backed articles while also having the in the trenches knowledge of someone that has trained heavy for years.
  • Chris Beardsley is another great mind that puts out tons of content sure to help anyone out in the fitness or health spaces.
  • Brad Schoenfeld is a machine in publishing fitness journal articles especially in the area of muscle strength and hypertrophy.



  • Greg Lehman continually puts out great content challenging many of the traditionally held beliefs in the medical world. His articles are incredibly thorough and everything I read sheds new light into improving my own practice. His continuing education course is on my to-do list.
  • Mike Reiman has been able to publish a number of research studies in physical therapy. His work in hip impingement has given me a much deeper understanding of the causes and future of treating this area.
  • Sarah Haran has also taught me an incredible deal about the management of hip impingement in both fitness athletes and dancers. She has also been a great business mentor and I highly encourage everyone to follow her clinic’s Instagram and explore her con-ed course “Out Of Network: Step By Step”.
  • Sarah Duvall runs “Core Exercise Solutions” an online platform designed to (1) help women dealing with post-partum issues and (2) educate fitness & rehab professionals about how to best help these women. She’s become a great friend and business advisor. I’m currently working through her online course “Post Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist”.
  • Alan Frendendall has recently joined the faculty of ICE Physio and has been incredibly helpful in expanding my knowledge on the areas of training load management and heart rate variability as it relates to athletic performance and injuries.



  • Raving Fans – Being successful and providing the best outcomes with your clients isn’t solely about your anatomy and exercise prescription knowledge, I’m starting with my absolute favorite book, Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. This short read completely changed my mindset in my interactions with clients. Focus not on getting as many clients or followers as possible. Instead focus on creating Raving Fans who become non-stop referral sources for your work
  • Good To Great – A great business book looking at the strategies and philosophies employed by companies that went from good to great, meaning for a period of 15 years they significantly outperformed the market and their competition. This book gave me many ideas that I’ve implemented in my businesses.
  • The Sports Gene – I’ve long been fascinated by the different factors that make individuals great at the sports they perform. This book is an incredibly entertaining and educational look at many of these factors.
  • To Sell Is Human – Having great fitness coaching skills is great, but if you can’t convince clients you are the best to help them or sell your services, then your results and business won’t go far. Daniel Pink tackles this topic in his best selling book!
  • How Much Should I Train? – I’ve written in the past on the importance of monitoring training volume and a concept called Maximal Recoverable Volume. This MRV concept comes from Dr. Mike Israetel of Renaissance Periodization and his book “How Much Should I Train” dives deep into this concept. This is incredibly important for all athletes, coaches, and clinicians to know.