Compression Band Techniques

Compression Band Techniques

Over the past 6 or so months I have been experimenting with VooDoo bands promoted by Kelly Starrett of Mobility bands from Edge Mobility Systems on both myself (knees) and a large range of patients. These bands have been very valuable tools for me, especially for their relatively low price.

VooDoo Bands


Multiple techniques for using these bands can be found throughout the Internet. The following are among my favorite techniques.

Squat With VooDoo Bands


Inability to squat deep or lack of full knee flexion: this has been the most impressive to me so far. Co-worker had 2 ACL reconstructions 3+ years ago and as a result could not squat to parallel or flex his knee past 90 degrees doing standing hamstring curls. I took one band and wrapped it around the patellar tendon and another band and wrapped just above the knee cap. Had him perform 25 squats as deep as possible. After I removed the bands he could perform a full squat and active knee flexion in standing was improved by 20+ degrees (and full passive knee flexion). Not too bad for 2 minutes of work!

Ankle Mobility with VooDoo Bands


Ankle sprains: wrap the entire ankle beginning on the foot and wrapping up towards the lower shin. Perform active range of motion and walking while wrapped. On and off with the bands for a few minutes at a time. This will quickly reduce swelling and improve motion.

Knee VooDoo Band Mobility


Total Knee Replacement: Wrap the while knee starting below the knee cap and working up. Perform quad sets and/or heel slides for knee flexion. Will quickly improve ROM and freedom during walking.

General knee achiness: Perform the same technique as above plus some walking/squatting. Works wonders for me after I’ve lifted heavy several days in a row and my knees feel old and cranky.