The Band Pull Through

The Band Pull Through

The band pull through is an often forgotten exercise that really needs to be in more athletes fitness and rehabilitation programs. This loaded variation of the hip hinge is a fantastic tool for improving not only the motor control of the hinge, but for heavily loading the hips as they drive into full extension as the athlete completes the exercise. See this week’s The Barbell Physio video for why and how to implement this incredible exercise in your programming!¬†

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Many athletes lack the ability or awareness of finishing loaded hip hinge variations but using a strong glute contraction as the hips full open. Instead, they often compensate for this altered pattern by over extending the lumbar spine, placing unnecessary stress on that area and decreasing their potential power transfer.

The band pull through does a great job of correcting that. The slower movement allows the athlete to really focus in on keeping a neutral spine and activating the glutes strongly as they reach full hip extension. This makes the band pull through a great tool for improving the deadlift, kettlebell swing, and Olympic lifts.

The band pull through is also a great mobility drill as the eccentric (lowering portion of the lift) hinge pattern does a fantastic job of mobilizing the hamstrings under load.

If utilizing a cable column or heavy bands, this exercise becomes fantastic for building max strength in the posterior chain that results in stronger deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and the Olympic lifts.

For those needing to improve their hip hinge pattern as a fundamental movement, or needing a better way to work on their glute activation prior to performing their regular exercise program, the band pull through makes an unbelievably great warm up movement.

From Wendell, to Tate, and John Rusin, some of the best names in fitness recognize the band pull through as a great tool…maybe its time for you to add them in to your programming as well!