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One of the most common problems I treat with CrossFit athletes is shoulder pain with kipping pull-ups. This injury can happen for several different reasons as I discuss with my Performance Plus Programming partner Pamela Gagnon. . Common Areas Leading to Shoulder Pain With Kipping Pull-ups .Lack...

Rhabdomyolysis is a rare medical condition that can result from intense physical exercise. When "rhabdo" occurs, severe muscle damage leads to the release of skeletal muscle contents into the plasma and can lead to serious medical problems, including death. While many fitness certifications address the...

The pistol squat is a highly challenging bodyweight movement common to CrossFit workouts. This exercise not only requires strength, but balance and a high amount of body awareness. For many, the pistol squat is too challenging to safely perform. [convertkit form=4951225]The following are my favorite variations...

The Reach, Roll, Lift (RRL) is one of my favorite upper extremity exercises. For me, it makes both a great treatment as well as a good assessment tool for athletes. The movement requires optimal shoulder overhead mobility and stability of the scapulohumeral musculature.[caption id="attachment_2239" align="aligncenter" width="1001"]Reach, Roll, and Lift Reach, Roll, and Lift[/caption]