Side Plank for Hip Internal Rotation

Side Plank for Hip Internal Rotation

A lot of athletes are limited when it comes to hip internal rotation. side plank for hip internal rotation

When hip internal rotation is limited, it can cause a lot of problems from back pain, hip pain to altered squat mechanics, so it’s something I really like to correct.

A lot of times I’ll find people improve with manual therapy techniques or stretches in regards to the hip internal rotation but it will really quickly go back and they can never get into steady games and keep those games when it comes to their hip internal rotation.


For those athletes I like to use the standard side plank for hip internal rotation improvement. I find the side plank tends to build stability that helps them keep that hip internal rotation range of motion. When I’m working the side plank, for hip internal rotation, I get an athlete down their side, I always go bent knee instead of long version.

I like to instruct them to get their spine straight before they lift up. And they gonna lift their hips up in forward, they are gonna get middle line of their entire body in one straight line, shoulders directly up at the elbow, they’re gonna hold that up for ten seconds and then go back down.

And I’ll do several sets of just ten – twenty seconds holds, and retest their hip internal rotation before and after that. It’s a trick I picked up from Dean Somerset and using the side plank for hip internal rotation can have some drastically quick changes in range of motion.