About Performance Plus Programming

Goal Of Performance Plus Programming

Within Performance Plus Programming we are trying to develop a database of programs and information to give you the tools you need to meet your fitness goals.


Here are your options:

Performance Plus Monthly Programming

Each month we focus on a new body region developing strength, control, and mobility with the goal of improving your performance and decreasing injuries. There will be four weekly workouts, each lasting about ten minutes that you can perform after your current training program or on off days

Movement Specific Programs

For individuals needing to target movement, strength, or skill of specific movements, we’ve developed a library of programs for you to choose from. We are constantly adding new programs, we even take requests.

Educational Library

Pamela and Zach share videos outlining the specifics they look for the athletes they work with to demonstrate with various movements. The goal here is to give you tools you can use to analyze your own movement competency.

Note: Movement Specific Programs and the Educational Library are only available to paying members. Trial members will have access to the entire PPP monthly programming database as examples of the quality of programming to be expected.

Our database of resources for you will continually be growing. With requests for programs or educational videos please email zlongdpt@gmail.com.

  • Monthly PPP Membership

  • $19.99 Per Month
    • Get a 14 Day FREE Trial
    • Access to weekly programming to resolve pain, increase performance & prevent injury
    • Get access to our Movement Specific Programs (not included in free trial)
    • Designed by Dr. Zach Long & Pamela Gagnon (Former collegiate gymnast and CrossFit Games athlete)
    • Cancel membership anytime

  • Annual Membership

  • $140Per Year
    • Save 40% from the monthly price
    • Get instant access to our Movement Specific Programs
    • Designed by Dr. Zach Long & Pamela Gagnon (Former collegiate gymnast and CrossFit Games athlete)
    • Resolve Pain & Improve Performance & Prevent Injuries
    • Did we mention this is $140, it’s less than a pair of lifters and will help your more

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