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Olympic Weightlifting Technique & Mobility

How to Master Mobility and Dominant Olympic Lifts Faster Than You Ever Imagined Possible


you can save time and learn the best mobility methods and lifting techniques so you and/or your athletes can improve performance and crush the competition while avoiding injury and setbacks!


Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, veteran coach, or just getting started with Olympic weightlifting or CrossFit and have barely brushed the technical surface of lifting, this uniquely designed program will take you to your highest performance level yet in less time … without blowing thousands of dollars on top-level coaches.

So many athletes and coaches limit their potential by wasting endless hours warming up with wrong mobility drills (if they do them at all), lifting far less than their potential weight, or using substandard technique.


This leads to bigger frustrations, countless missed reps, debilitating injuries, and a shattered ego drowning in a puddle of sweat.

Does this sound familiar? The truth hurts, but your lifting is only as good as your technique. And your technique is only as good as your mobility. If your training lacks either component you’re left with a soul-crushing defeat during competition … or worse yet, you never make it to the platform because you’re only as good as your worst training days. And, well, those sucked. Hardcore.


Back in the early days of Olympic Weightlifting budding athletes had to travel hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of miles to windowless underground lairs to train with bearded gurus that charged thousands of dollars to take on the Herculean task of building world-class athletes. Thanks to internetting you can access a team of elite level coaches and game-changing resources that transform you into a high-caliper athlete without breaking the bank or squandering away all your free time.


Imagine harnessing the brute strength of an ox and the sleek flow of a salamander within weeks of starting a new training system. Imagine piling on more weight to the bar while hitting all your lifts with sound technical skill and unwavering confidence. Imagine not missing a single rep or going home defeated from pain or injury.

You have the potential to annihilate your PRs, stomp the competition, and lay to rest all your nagging mobility issues and we are going to teach you how.


The ultimate guide to crushing THE LIFTS for $29.99

Two-time Olympic Weightlifting Champion Jared Fleming and I have Spent years testing and treating to refine our coaching skillset and to identify the biggest limiters to athletic performance in the Olympic lifts. We’ve since gone on to work with some of the most elite athletes in the Olympic lifting and CrossFit worlds, not only making them healthier athletes, but better where it counts…on the platform.


After coaching thousands of clients, we learned that poor or misused mobility is a huge setback for athletes. Most programs teach you drills, but none address the key components to help you as the athlete determine exactly what you should be doing to improve your own performance.


We have also learned the biggest limitations that happen on the platform, which prevent you from breeching plateaus with your Olympic lifts and keep you stuck in this perpetual rut, or worse yet, has you so beat up and worn down that you spend days or even weeks on the injured reserve list.

olympic weightlifting mobility


Become an expert on your own mobility needs. You’ve been taught to run through some random drills that are one-size fits none. They probably aren’t working for you, or you find them so pointless that you skip them altogether (which is inhibiting your performance even more!). You will learn to understand your body in a way that teaches you to cater mobility toward what you need to be primed and ready for training.

olympic weightlifting technique


Unlock your greatest strength potential. You want to break plateaus, smash PRs, and rise to the occasion when your competition date comes. You will learn exactly what you need to do to safely and effectively increase your strength over time so when you step onto the platform you hit PRs like no one’s business.

olympic weightlifting drills


Gain insight into better drills to that improve your performance at lightning speed. You’ve been doing run-of-the-mill accessory drills that lead up to lackluster lifts. This program introduces cutting-edge drills and movements that teach you to move explosively while maintaining proper alignment and mastering technique.

What You Get

  • Step-by-step videos that explain what you need to do to improve your performance in the Olympic lifts. These videos are divided into a three part series that analyze the clean and jerk, snatch, and mobility related to Olympic lifting, plus give you the precise tools and skills you need to step onto the platform stronger and more confidence than ever. You will also learn the importance of recover and how it relates to your overall performance, plus the proper way to approach recovery in your programming.
  • An accompanying eBook that fully flushes out grip, positioning from start to finish including from the power and hang position, common faults and how to correct them, the breakdown of drills that improve efficiency, and related movements like the hip hinge, squat, and front rack position. Your book includes detailed full-color photo tutorials, progressive tutorials that simply each step in the movement, and all the tools you need to increase mobility so you move like a well-oiled machine.
  • Guidence from Dr. Zach Long and National Champion Jared Flemming

Ready to take your Olympic Lifting or coaching to the next level?