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About This Project


The strength, drills, and tips you need to achieve your goal



Improve your balance and strength for better handstands in 10 minutes a day.

What’s on your list of handstand #goals?

Walking on your hands?

Kicking up to a handstand against the wall?

Doing those crazy tricks you see on Instagram?

No matter where you are starting from, the right drills, prehab, exercises and guidance can help you reach your handstand goals.

Improving your handstand strength and balance takes time. We’ll help you build your foundation and master the basics so that you can take your handstands to the next level.


4 weeks of drills and prehab exercises for $24.99

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Handstands can take months to learn and a lifetime to master. The key is to enjoy the journey and get inverted as much as possible.

Join leading gymnastics expert Pamela Gagnon and Dr. of Physical Therapy Zach Long in your handstand journey.

Pamela is an experienced CrossFit games athlete and a leader in the world of gymnastics technique. Zach covers prehab and strength expertise to get stronger while avoiding injury.


The only prerequisite for this program:

You must feel comfortable being inverted, whether scaled to a box or in a handstand against the wall.


4 weeks of drills and prehab exercises for $24.99

  • What You Get

    • Drills and prehab strength written by the pros to improve your balance and strength while inverted
    • A recommended warm-up series to make sure your wrists and shoulders are prepared for each workout
    • Workouts that last around 10 minutes each
    • 4 weeks of workouts, 4 days per week
    • A variety of mobility exercises, strength progressions, and drills to overhaul your handstand skills

A manageable program you can commit to


You don’t need to have an extra 2 hours to dedicate to training your handstand— on top of the training you’re already doing. You’ll only need 10 minutes a day, 4 times a week to complete these exercises and see results.


We have given you a step by step guidance for optimal results.

Guaranteed Results


We’ve seen hundreds of people find success in our programs. But if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We’ll give you a refund — no questions asked.


Equipment needed: KB/DB, PVC pipe, box, wall

Ready to take your handstands to the next level?