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Twelve Variations of Loaded Carries

Twelve Variations of Loaded Carries

Loaded carries are great for conditioning, rehabilitation, and stability work in individual’s of all physical activity levels. Loaded carries can be easily scaled and the many loaded carry variations make it useful for almost anyone’s training program.

Recently, I did a #12daysofcarries campaign on my various social media outlets to highlight different variations of loaded carries. Here are twelve of my favorite variations.

(Click pictures for videos of the carry variations)

Farmer’s Carry – A simple carry option. Grab a weight in each hand and walk. Maintain a neutral spine throughout the carry.

Farmers Carry

Suitcase Carry – Hold a weight in one hand and walk. The offloaded weight challenges the lateral core as you walk.

Suitcase Case

Double Overhead KB Carry are a tough variation on both your shoulders and core.

Goblet Carry – Hold a kettle bell or dumbbell in a goblet position and walk.

Goblet Carry

Front Rack Carry – another offset load variation, this time with the kettle bell in the front rack position.

Front Rack Kettlebell Carry

Bottoms Up KB Walk – This variation of loaded carries will really challenge stability of the shoulder. I love this in my shoulder rehab programs.

Bottoms Up Carry

Overhead Barbell Carry – A killer core and shoulder exercise.

Barbell Overhead Carry

Front Rack & Overhead Carry – getting fancy now with a few carry variations created by combining carries.

Front Rack Overhead

Suitcase & Overhead Carry

Suitcase Overhead Carry

Plate Carry – one of my favorite carries! Great loaded carries variation that will really help your grip!

Overhead Banded Carries – this is my #1 favorite variation. Walk forwards and backward with weights hanging from resistance bands. This really works your upper back, shoulders, and core!

Zercher Carry – You might want to use a cushion in the elbow to make this more tolerable but the zercher carry sucks no matter what!

Zercher Carry