How A Long Time Lifter Gained 20 Pounds on His Clean In Two Months

How A Long Time Lifter Gained 20 Pounds on His Clean In Two Months

Over the past two months, my clean has gone from 275lbs to 295lbs! Given that I’ve been weightlifting for a long time, this big of a jump in such a short period is really great! hip internal rotation

What’s even better is that I did this without significantly changing my training plan! (My normal CrossFit routine).

More impressive, in the six months prior to this my clean only improved ten pounds. So in one-third of the time, I doubled my gains!

So how did I gain so much more in less time? I simply improved my hip internal rotation!

Hip internal rotation is an often forgotten mobility piece that really deserves more attention. When limited, I often find athletes have difficulty reaching rock-bottom, ass to the grass squats! They also often complain of pinching in the anterior hip when they squat.

During the two months where my clean improved dramatically, I changed my mobility work in two ways….

First, I started religiously performing my “BulletProof Mobility” program that I will be releasing soon.

Second, I realized how poor my hip internal rotation was and customized my mobility routine to focus on that.

The grand result was that for the first time in years, I could easily hit a full squat without any mobility restrictions in my hips. This allowed me to catch the clean in a much lower position that I’d ever previously been able and, therefore, CLEAN MORE WEIGHT!!!!


Seeing if your hip internal rotation is limited is pretty easy….see the video below.

My treatment plan for improving hip internal rotation again revolved around using the BulletProof Mobility, with me customizing the program further address hip internal rotation.

To address hip internal rotation specifically, I used the exercise “90/90 breathing with hip internal rotation” to reset my pelvis in a more neutral position, and improve my positioning for both hip internal rotation and deep squats. I performed this daily in my warm up.

So if you’re looking to improve you squat depth, please check out your hip internal rotation and improve it if it is limited.

Also, be sure to check out BulletProof Mobility if you are ready to take your mobility and performance to the next level. It is a warm up program that is specifically designed to get athletes mobility work done while getting warmed up…saving time by doing incredibly efficient mobility exercises such as this one!