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Improving the Handstand Position Part II: Stability

Improving the Handstand Position Part II: Stability

Zach Long CrossFit Journal HandstandIn my recent CrossFit Journal article “Analyzing the Handstand Position“, I outline a series of tests that can be employed to determine the handstand mobility and handstand stability deficits that are impacting an athlete’s ability to perform a handstand (and its’ variations) with optimal efficiency.

Last week, we covered the
the mobility needs of the handstand.

While mobility limitations are often to blame, stability deficits are just as common. The following are some of my favorite drills for improving handstand stability in athletes:


Hollow Rocks

Hollow Rocks are a foundational gymnastics movement that more athletes need to master. This exercise has a huge transfer to many athletic movements including the handstand. Mastering this drill will greatly help handstand stability.


90/90 Breathing

An all around great exercise for improving core positioning and retraining core stability.


Slider Walks

This simple exercise does a great job of training a tight core while the upper body moves for improved handstand stability.


Wall Walks with Breathing

I recently used this drill with a patient of mine dealing with a psoas strain. Retraining of his core stability using multiple exercises including this one lead to full return to gymnastics as well as to his coaches commenting that he looked a full level higher in his skill work after three visits with me. Thanks for Dave Tilley of for this great drill.


Handstand Breathing

Incorporating breathing with the handstand. As I mentioned in the CrossFit Handstand article, many athletes’ form will break down when trying to breath during handstands. This is because holding their breath creates false cores stabilization. Practicing this drill will ensure great control during handstands!

Gymnasts do so much dynamic work in a routine that almost any static position, while active, should also be a chance to recover. I like handstands and I also like good positioning so I combine a body line handstand drill with the 90-90 breathing exercise. I believe this could be helpful in teaching gymnasts to breath in their handstands while maintaining an active body line. Additionally, a lot of #crossfit athletes tell me they have trouble breathing while handstand walking. If you are one of those people, give this exercise a try and learn to breath and brace in a quality position. Inverted 90-90 breathing… @fitnesspainfree @thehybridperspective @themovementfix @quinn.henochdpt what are y'alls thoughts? @powermonkeyfitness #gymnastics #techniquematters #positionsmatters #handstand #gst #movement

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