Five Training Changes I Am Making In 2017

Five Training Changes I Am Making In 2017

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in the Strength & Conditioning world at a variety of levels for the last 11 years. During that time I’ve made some good training/coaching decisions and some really poor ones. Perhaps more than ever in my own training career, I’m very excited for the year 2017 and the changes that I’ll be making!

Here are the five biggest changes I’m planning for the 2017 year!



“The goal of training is adaptation, but just at the time adaptation occurs, a poor training result can interfere with training. This is known as accommodation, a biology law that states a decrease in training effects will occur.” – Louie Simmons

I’ve noticed in my own training (and many many athletes as well) that we tend to get fixated on certain exercises. We continually push the same exercise for months and years and if we truly examine our progress we make very little. Westside Barbell strength legend Louie Simmons discusses this frequently.

In 2017 I’ll be changing my training up more than ever. Constantly challenging my body in different ways to avoid accommodation.



The biggest way I’ll be working to avoid accommodation is by using harder exercises. Zercher squats will replace back squats as an example as this squat variation is much harder. I’ll utilize different bars that increase the range of motion requirements, perform deadlifts from a deficit, and other more difficult exercises. By performing these movements, the standard barbell exercises will become easier.



I’ve long been a fan of exercises that really require lots of added stability work (see article on hanging band technique). Recently, I also picked up an excellent training tool, THE YOAK that in my first few weeks of use has been amazing. Stability work not only provides an incredibly taxing stimulus to your muscles but you must also really dial in technique because if you get out of position, the weights will punish you fast.



I’ve done an extensive analysis of my strengths & weakness. And instead of constantly focusing on my areas of strength, I’m going to go 100% after my weaknesses. Triceps, core, posterior chain will soon go from holding me back to being my strong points. Much of this may come in isolation work to prevent me from using my stronger muscles to get the exercises done. I’m very excited to see how much this impacts performance.



Fband-deadlift-accommodating-resistancerom bands and chains, I’m going to be using a lot more accommodating resistance to both challenge the full range of motion of exercises and to help me improve my lifting speed. During exercises such as squats there is typically a deceleration phase towards the top of the movement meaning the exercise gets easier in that portion. By utilizing bands, I’ll be forced to continue accelerating through the entire motion as the resistance will get harder towards the top of the lift.

As you can see, a lot of Westside Barbell influenced tactics will be utilized this year. I’m pumped for what 2017 is going to bring!