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The Fastest Way to Improve Your Mobility

The Fastest Way to Improve Your Mobility

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is athletes wanting to know how to quickly improve mobility. They may ask about certain techniques or may ask for my top five techniques that will quickly have them performing full-depth overhead squats with ease.

Maybe the athlete has been consistently working on their mobility for months and have made progress but still can’t get into the positions they want. Or maybe they’ve just realized how much poor mobility is limiting their performance.

The biggest problem I see, is people choosing a bunch of random mobility movements to perform rather than taking a systematic approach to understanding what their key mobility limitations are!

Bad Overhead SquatLet’s examine an example of someone working on improving mobility so that they can have a good overhead squat.

Most athletes trying to improve mobility spend a significant amount of time foam rolling and performing static stretching.

The athlete on the left has difficulty reaching parallel during PVC Overhead Squats and shows several compensations. First, his shoulders go into hyperabduction / flexion. Second, we usually want to see a more upright torso during overhead squats but this athlete has to lean forward significantly. Third, he cannot quite reach parallel. And finally he has to excessively rotate his feet outward.

This athlete believed that he has poor hip mobility but upon my examination he had great hip flexion, external rotation, and internal rotation. Further examination of his mobility revealed that limited ankle dorsiflexion was the key to improving his movement patterns.

Moral of the story is that a full body analysis of mobility will always work better than choosing random mobility movements.

When multiple mobility restrictions are found in the CrossFit / Olympic Lifter my priority list is:

  1. Ankle dorsiflexion
  2. Thoracic spine mobility
  3. Lats (and overall shoulder elevation)
  4. Hip Internal Rotation
  5. Shoulder Internal rotation
  6. All others


I write regularly about the importance of screening and assessing yourself and your athletes. Movement Essentials  provides an in depth system to assess and correct basic movement flaws.
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