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Thoracic mobility is one of the most important mobility drills for the fitness athlete. The thoracic spine plays a huge role in keeping the shoulders and the lumbar spine working properly, and pain free. To test thoracic mobility, I look at rotation each direction. This lets me know if there is a unilateral restriction. Limited rotation also means there will be decreased extension in the thoracic spine.For a full thoracic spine mobility plan, check out my THORACIC MOBILITY OVERHAUL PROGRAM.

Over the past two months, my clean has gone from 275lbs to 295lbs! Given that I’ve been weightlifting for a long time, this big of a jump in such a short period is really great! hip internal rotationWhat’s even better is that I did this without significantly changing my training plan! (My normal CrossFit routine).More impressive, in the six months prior to this my clean only improved ten pounds. So in one-third of the time, I doubled my gains!So how did I gain so much more in less time? I simply improved my hip internal rotation!