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The Biggest Lies Your Doctor, Physical Therapist, & Chiropractor Have Told You

The Biggest Lies Your Doctor, Physical Therapist, & Chiropractor Have Told You

There have been some amazing advances in the medical world to provide life-saving treatments….on the opposite end of the spectrum we’ve got too many doctors, PTs, and chiropractors spewing BS to patients on a daily basis! Here are the five biggest lies you’ve been told!


This one drives me nuts! When we completely rest, the body’s response is to decrease protein synthesis meaning you’ll lose strength & endurance. More importantly, tissues responding positively to loading! A good provider will work with you to figure out how to help your remain as active as possible, how to load tissues appropriately for healing, and try to keep you in the gym/game/fight! Very rarely do we really need to completely rest from an injury (although there are certainly times where we must).


We Need to Break Up Scar Tissue

If scar tissue was your problem and a tool or provider’s hands were able to break that scar tissue up, wouldn’t you think that your skin would also be horribly damaged at the same time? How do providers use these implements to target only the scar tissue and not break up the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc? Truth is, they can’t and lighter soft tissue work is just as effective (without the pain!) as very intense muscle work.


Psoas Tightness

The psoas is constantly blamed as the root of all low back and hip pain. Providers everywhere call this muscle tight, inflamed, pissed off, whatever. In reality, this muscle is no where near as evil as they say and simple core-hip integration work can magically “fix” this chronic problems. Read more about how to test your hip flexors and fixes in this article.

hip flexors


Subluxations, or joints be “out of place”, are commonly diagnosed by chiropractors and therapists based on palpation of your spine or X-rays. The reliability of palpation of the spine has been recently seriously questioned (so I believe they can’t accurately diagnose this) and an X-ray have been repeatedly shown in research to find abnormalities in asymptomatic patients.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with adjustments or spinal manipulations…I just disagree with the old school explanation of why these work. They must be used as a way to decrease pain so that a patient can perform proper corrective exercises which will ultimately allow them to remain pain free. These should not be the only treatment for an issue as this creates reliance on the practitioner to provide passive care. Patients that are active contributors to their health and healing are much better off than those receiving only passive care.

You Need an MRI

MRI, X-rays, and CT scans have been repeatedly shown to have positive findings in huge numbers of people with NO PAIN OR SYMPTOMS. Further, those patients that know the results of their imaging DO WORSE with the exact same treatment than other patients not to their MRI results.

Yes, these are needed at times. But if you aren’t having significant neurological symptoms or a fracture/dislocation then find a provider who understands movement, exercise, and pain science to develop a true plan for long term health and happiness. Skip the fear inducing imaging machines!