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Loaded carries are great for conditioning, rehabilitation, and stability work in individual's of all physical activity levels. Loaded carries can be easily scaled and the many loaded carry variations make it useful for almost anyone's training program. Recently, I did a #12daysofcarries campaign on my various...

Whether in the clinic or in the gym, on a daily basis people tell me they have tight hip flexors or hip flexor pain. They've seen a YouTube video about how tight hip flexors can cause problems or their local PT / Chrio / Massage Therapist...

Sub-optimal glute strength is one of the most common faults I see in athletes. This can lead to a host of injuries as well as decreased performance. We've previously discussed using the push press as a test of hip (glute) versus knee dominance in athletes. Analyzing...

Here’s what you need to know Simply said, our Western society has lost the ability to squat. And no, just because you participate in CrossFit doesn’t leave you exempt from this list.  You are just as, if not more, likely to be injured during squat emphasized...

Over the past two months I’ve used TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) more than I ever have and with great results. Normally, TENS is rarely used by me in treatment plans and only saved for those in severe pain needing a temporary “break”. Lately though, TENS has...

Thoracic mobility is one of the most important mobility drills for the fitness athlete. The thoracic spine plays a huge role in keeping the shoulders and the lumbar spine working properly, and pain free. To test thoracic mobility, I look at rotation each direction. This lets me know if there is a unilateral restriction. Limited rotation also means there will be decreased extension in the thoracic spine. For a full thoracic spine mobility plan, check out my THORACIC MOBILITY OVERHAUL PROGRAM.

Recently built my own Functional Movement Screen kit after looking at buying a kit and feeling the cost was too high for its' simplicity - plus I've seen the plastic version break a few times. Thought I'd share my plans for building the FMS kit:
The Olympic snatch is a frequently used exercise is strength & conditioning programs, and for good reason.  This exercise allows the athlete to lift very explosively and with biomechanics similar to that seen in many other athletic movements such running and jumping.  However, this exercise is highly technical and requires time and a good coach to learn how to master. The simplest explanation of the snatch is that it is a weightlifting exercise in which the athlete lifts a barbell from the ground to an overhead position in one explosive and continuous movement. Snatch Set Up and Catch