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Programming to improve your strength, control, and performance while bulletproofing your body against injury!



PERFORMANCE PLUS is uniquely developed to help you stay ahead of injury by focusing on prehab and bodyweight strength.  Each day our experts demonstrate skills programming that will help you achieve your goals– whether you are training for a competition or just want to get stronger, our step-by-step guidance is all you need to take care of your body.



About The PPP Membership

Your Performance Plus Programming membership includes access to our weekly 10 minute overlay program (meaning you do it with your current training) that targets a different area of the body each month. Membership also includes access to our database of educational videos on hot topics as well as one of the best smart phone apps in the fitness industry. Additionally you get access to all of our  legendary movements specific programs including:

  • Bar Muscle Up
  • Overhead Mobility
  • Bulletproof Shoulders
  • First Strict Pull Up
  • Lats to Fly
  • Ankle Mobility Overhaul
  • Plus a dozen more!

Learn More About Each Perk

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Performance Plus Monthly Programming

Each month we focus on a new body region developing strength, control, and mobility with the goal of improving your performance and decreasing injuries. There will be four weekly workouts, each lasting about ten minutes that you can perform after your current training program or on off days

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Movement Specific Programs

For individuals needing to target movement, strength, or skill of specific movements, we’ve developed a library of programs for you to choose from. We are constantly adding new programs, we even take requests.

Barbell Physio Master The Squat

Educational Library

Pamela and Zach share videos outlining the specifics they look for the athletes they work with to demonstrate with various movements. The goal here is to give you tools you can use to analyze your own movement competency.

Membership Options

  • Monthly PPP Membership

  • $21.99Per Month
    • Get a 14 Day FREE Trial
    • Access to weekly programming to resolve pain, increase performance & prevent injury
    • Get access to our Movement Specific Programs (not included in free trial)
    • Designed by Dr. Zach Long & Pamela Gagnon (Former collegiate gymnast and CrossFit Games athlete)
    • Cancel membership anytime

  • Annual Membership

  • $179Per Year
    • Save 40% from the monthly price
    • Get instant access to our Movement Specific Programs
    • Designed by Dr. Zach Long & Pamela Gagnon (Former collegiate gymnast and CrossFit Games athlete)
    • Resolve Pain & Improve Performance & Prevent Injuries
    • Did we mention this is $179, it’s less than a pair of lifters and will help you more


About Your Coaches

Pamela Gagnon

Pamela Gagnon

Pamela Gagnon is a leader in the area of body weight strengthening movements for today’s athletes and currently a Lead Coach for The Gymnastics Course. Her background as a Division I Gymnast and CrossFit Games Masters athlete has given her over 30 years of experience as an athlete & coach. She coaches athletes worldwide on how to implement strength and gymnastics skills to improve their fitness performance.

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Dr. Zach Long

Dr. Zach Long, better known as The Barbell Physio, is an internationally known physical therapist and strength coach. Zach consults regularly with elite weightlifters, CrossFit games athletes, and professional athletes from a wide range of sports. His expertise is in improving sports performance while simultaneously decreasing injury risk factors.